Van Briggle Pottery Company

Van Briggle Pottery was founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1899, by Artus Van Briggle and Anne Louise Gregory. Both had once been acclaimed hand-painters for the famous Rookwood Pottery company in Cincinnati, where they were thrust into the ceramic world. Having met during their artistic studies in Europe, the pair began the company upon their return.

Both Artus and Anne had studied painting, though their talents ultimately led them away from the easel and toward the potter's studio. Van Briggle became highly interested in a lost glazing technique which originally flourished during the Ming dynasty in China, and began experimenting with glazes until he could replicate it. Thus, Van Briggle's signature matte glazing was born in the spring of 1901.

Van Briggle passed away from tuberculosis on July 4, 1904. His wife, Anne, carried the company until she sold it in 1912, before moving to Denver to pursue painting full-time until her death in 1929. The company is still in operation today and produces tiles and other ceramics in kind to the original manufacturing style set up by Van Briggle himself. The most prized Van Briggle pieces are early, through the 1920s, though every Van Briggle is certainly a prized work of art.