Privacy, Store Policies, & Terms of Service


Responsibly Investing in Revival Studio Co.


By purchasing from Revival Studio Co., you are accepting and upholding the store's policies on purchases, returns and refunds, and agreeing to the store's terms of service. If you violate these policies and terms, you will be held legally responsible.




Revival Studio Co. respects your privacy and will not disclose any information you provide. 

All email addresses, shipping and billing addresses, and phone numbers collected during inquiries, newsletter sign-up, and check-out are not ever sold. All listed information is protected, and will remain confidential.

For your protection, check-out is secured by SSL to keep your credit card data safe, using Level 1 PCI compliant and 128 bit SSL encryption.


Terms of Service & Pricing


If you are unsure about an item, have questions or concerns, please email the team prior to making a purchase.

The Revival Team aims to provide the history and function of each vintage and antique item as factual as possible, according to our research. We strive to provide customers with information with the utmost accuracy to the best of our abilities and knowledge. Even so, we cannot guarantee that the dates and information ascribed to each piece are 100% correct. 

When you purchase a vintage or antique item, you are accepting the history and the documentation of use it bears.

We believe in the beauty of items time-worn, and the marks that the passage of time and much use add to each vintage and antique piece. We work hard to provide photographs of each item in full, and do not edit out evidence of wear and tear. If you have specific questions about the condition of, or desire more information about an item in our inventory, please do not hesitate to email us for more information prior to purchasing.

All vintage and antique product prices are based on market value, collector desirability, rarity & condition.

All candle prices are based on value of their vessel foremost, as well as material and production cost, as you are receiving two products for the price of one. If you have questions about the candle container or the candle composition, please email the Revival team.


Store Policies & Shipping


Please allow up to seven (7) days to process and ship orders.

Shipping cost is calculated by weight and size by the following carriers: FedEx, UPS, and USPS International. For items larger than 36 inches x 36 inches, freight shipping will be used. Customers will receive an order confirmation email when an order is placed, and a notification email when the order has been fulfilled and shipped, wherein a tracking number may be found. Be advised that additional time and fees may be required for shipments outside of the United States.

Variations in shipping methods may occur according to special shipping requests and access to shipping materials.

Paintings on canvas may be shipped rolled, with detached stretcher bars included for reassembly. The artist highly recommends seeking a framing/fine art professional to assist in reassembly of paintings purchased.


Returns & Refunds


All fine art and handmade homeware purchases are final sale. 

Returns within ten (10) days of delivery are permitted only on antiques or candles damaged in transit, with photographic proof sent to the Revival team via email. If accepted, we will refund you for the damaged item and for the cost of shipping.

Down payments toward commissioned works are non-refundable. 

Returns or refunds may not be made on any commissioned work, whether custom fine art by Rachael Dubbert or custom woodworking projects by Stephen Dubbert.

If you believe you have received a delivery by mistake or were delivered the wrong item, please email us right away to resolve the issue.


Commissioned Works


As stated above, returns or refunds may not be made on any commissioned work, whether custom fine art by Rachael Dubbert or custom woodworking projects by Stephen Dubbert.

Down payments toward commissioned works are non-refundable. 

Customers who request commissioned works of art are required to pay a down-payment of 50% within one full day (24 hours) of commission agreement. The remaining 50% must be paid seven (7) business days prior to shipment date agreed upon by both parties in the signed contract.

For collaboration or marketing inquiries, interview and feature requests, and all other questions please email the team.