c. 1950 Mother of Pearl Inlaid New Testament Pocket Bible

c. 1950 Mother of Pearl Inlaid New Testament Pocket Bible


This mid century bible features the New Testament, with Christ’s words typed in red for recognition. The inside indicates that the bible was printed by a publishing house in Scotland and, according to an April 26, 1950 agreement, this particular version is only one of 20,000 copies ever produced. The front and back covers of this precious bible are laden with genuine mother of pearl shell, each piece hand carved to intricately produce an interlocking pattern. Both sides also have hand-carved details on certain shell components, adding extra interest to the already stunning design. The mother of pearl pieces are in great condition, save for one edging piece that time has claimed, revealing the wooden structure beneath.

The carved wording on the front reads ‘Jerusalem’ in all caps underneath a seven-pointed compass-like star that harkens to the holy number’s prevalence throughout scripture. The back has a central Greek-style cross, one which has four arms of equal length, and within each quadrant is another Greek cross of smaller scale. The book’s interior is notable for its many fully colorized illustrated pages, which offer beauty and insight to the stories the bible tells.

This beautiful little bible has been well loved in its lifetime, yet is in very good condition for its age. It is set apart from other bibles in its singularity and iridescent nature. It is the perfect size and levity for carrying in a bag or purse, and is exceptional enough to gift to the little one in your life who has had his or her first communion, or to any loved one to celebrate their baptism. This bible adds much to your collection of antique scriptures, to your rare book collection, or to your shelf of curiosities.

  • Maker: Printed by Collins Clear-Type Press of William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. of Glasgow, Scotland

  • Material: Colorized print on paper, leather bound, wood support, mother of pearl inlaid

  • Epoch: 1950

  • Dimensions: 4.75”L x 3.5”W x .75”D

  • Procurement: Dallas, Texas

  • Origin: Printed in Great Britain, clad in Jerusalem

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