The Brand

Revival Studio Co. is a recent rebrand of Rachael Freels Dubbert Paintings + Multi-Media Fine Art.

Hi there! My name is Rachael Freels Dubbert, and I am the founder and owner of Revival. I attended the University of Georgia from 2010-2012 for Interior Architecture, the Savannah College of Art & Design from 2012-2014 for Fine Art Painting, and Clemson University at the College of Charleston from 2015-2016 for graduate studies for a Master of Science in Historic Preservation. Though I have has exhibited and sold my original artwork since 2006, I formed Revival Studio Co. in May 2017 as a way to combine all of my passions in the arts, architecture, and decorative arts. To further my expertise, I am currently earning a Master of Arts in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design, after which I expect to offer design consultation services through Revival in the future.

While in my first year of undergraduate art classes, I discovered a love for selling fine antique jewelry as a way to raise the funds I needed for my art supplies; what began as a necessity quickly became a passion, though through the years, my academics took priority over collecting. After my first round of graduate school, I developed my fine art brand as a painter and pursued producing and selling paintings. Yet, being confined to artwork alone was not fulfilling my many facets of interest, and I began to envision a larger concept for my brand. My fine art business started simply as an avenue for displaying and selling my paintings, but grew into a business more focused on service. I developed a method of collecting, researching, preserving and selling fine antiques, collectibles and vintage objects of interest, in addition to my artwork. It became my goal to outfit spaces with goods that reflect redemption and the holiness of heirlooms, as well as the dedication and intentionality that artisanal items display.

Forming Revival was an opportunity for me to revive the heart behind why I choose to pursue my various creative interests as my career. In the process of rebranding, I was able to excavate the hidden link between my love of painting, historic preservation, collecting antiques, and connecting with people: it’s the observable record of time that tells the truest stories, is always relevant, and is worthy of careful affections. My hope is that interior design and design consultation will round out these passions as marketable, professional services.

Decisions made become stories, stories become histories, and histories influence identities. Just like in people, every phase of evolution in a painting, a structure, and an object adds to its beauty and integrity.


Better Together

I am a right-brained artist, and as an engineer, my husband is my analytical counterpart. But both of us are creatively minded, and are constantly thinking of new projects and ways to reframe those ideas that the world thinks are already figured out. We're always dreaming, always sharing abstract concepts, bouncing off of each other's theories, and delving into the complexities of our faith. We sharpen each other, push each other, and balance each other.

That said, it was a natural next step to partner with Stephen to really bring Revival to life. To work with him in strategy, creativity, and mission simply makes sense. He is a very talented woodworker, and his products are artisanal and sustainable additions that really drive the Revival philosophy home. Stephen’s wood homewares and products are an inventory of beautiful objects that function to serve your needs as much as they serve your heart.

Together, we take trips to procure antiques, considering the usability and beauty of every object we select. We travel to source our products from grand estates, private sellers, collectors, industry leaders, fine antiques dealers, conventions, and historic properties. The inspiration for our handmade goods comes from this same love of eclecticism and the richness of every narrative; both our acquisitions and our created decor laud the integrity of artisanal craftsmanship.


Our Promise

Every antique collected for Revival Studio Co. has been selected for its story and its earned beauty so that you can be its next author and continue its narrative.

Every good constructed for Revival Studio Co. has been produced with devotion to service and quality, with the hope that it fosters togetherness and excites everyday experiences.

Every painting made for Revival Studio Co. has been painted with soul-level care, is a visible expression of redemption, is intended to start conversation and be a transformative experience with every glance.