The Duo Behind Revival

Photo taken by the talented  Caroline Fontenot .

Both Atlanta, Georgia natives, we have lived in Charleston, South Carolina, Detroit, Michigan and currently reside in Dallas, Texas. We’ve come to appreciate the momentum of city life and the way that cities generate culture, and in a world that moves so fast, we find a breath of peace in appreciating those things that are timeworn, well loved, and layered with stories. We’ve made it our mission to learn how to adopt antiques into modern life, finding unique and creative ways to make them functional again.


We live for that sweet spot right between the old and the new, and hope to share this vision through every item we collect and create.


I'm Rachael, and Revival Studio Co. is a concept where all of my passions converge. I don't believe in one-word labels; I'm a painter, a writer, a preservationist, a big sister, a daughter, a wife, a believer, a visionary, a designer, and a storyteller.

I've found that each of my roles is rooted in my deepest facets of my core: my faith, my passion for preserving and sharing stories, for creating transformative artwork, and my fluid search for living authentically and abundantly. 


I'm Stephen, and I've partnered with Rachael, to establish Revival Studio Co. Though I am a manufacturing engineer, I am equally passionate about woodworking and woodwork design, as well as cooking and hospitality.

The common thread that connects all the things I love is my aspiration to lead people well, and with love, so that they can be the best version of themselves in any circumstance- in their work lives, their social lives, and their home lives.


Please do not hesitate to email the team to request our full résumés and CVs!

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We believe in quality over quantity & intentional creating to inspire intentional living.


We're all about artisanal making and we champion the personal process of making with love by hand.


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