Coin Silver 1844 Fiddle Back Serving Spoon with Monogram "PMP"

Coin Silver 1844 Fiddle Back Serving Spoon with Monogram "PMP"


This very rare spoon was smithed around 1845 by brothers Edward and David Kinsey. They both were apprentices to their father who was a silversmith from Wales, and grew their expertise during that time. Prior to the American Civil War, the brothers merged practices, and founded their own silversmithing company in 1844 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their popularity soared and wholesaled their silver flatware and hollowware to various shops in Kentucky and Ohio. By 1861, they ceased operation, making their pieces very valuable and very rare today.

This spoon is considered coin silver, which means that its millesimal fineness is 900. In general, silver coins and American silverware made in or prior to 1865 had this composition.  Its shape may be described as “Fiddle Back” because its silhouette mimics that of the stringed instrument. The spoon is beautifully thin, and its “PMP” monogram is inscribed ever so gracefully on the handle, with a halo of the tiniest leafy flecks around each letter.

  • Maker: E & D Kinsey

  • Material: Coin Silver

  • Epoch: 1845

  • Dimensions: Approx. 8.25” long

  • Procurement: Ypsilanti, Michigan

  • Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio

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