Danish Mid-Century Handmade Brass and Rosewood Utensil Set

Danish Mid-Century Handmade Brass and Rosewood Utensil Set


This brass utensil set suits the Scandinavian post-war Minimalist aesthetic, which can focus on necessity of function before form. The set features the charming hallmarks of handmade works, including the ever so slightly uneven cuts, the irregularities in the brass and wood construction and the way that every utensil in this set is moderately different than the other. Yet, each piece truly suits the set and without one, it would feel incomplete. These utensils are an excellent example of ingenuity and design, with an enchanting perspective of the making process.

  • Maker:  Unknown, handwrought & fastened

  • Material: Brass, rosewood

  • Epoch: 1960s

  • Dimensions: 6.25” x .75” knife

  • Procurement: Detroit, Michigan

  • Origin: Scandinavia or U.S.A.

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