1873 English Delft Minton Ceramic Dessert Plate

1873 English Delft Minton Ceramic Dessert Plate


Dating to 1873 during the European Aesthetic Period, this beautiful Minton plate boasts much use and the effects of time. This piece is in the Blue Delft pattern designed by by Henry Bourne, classified as pattern number #G1613. Its classic blue and white coloring harkens to  the earliest patterns of Minton wares when the company was first founded in 1793 in the Staffordshire pottery community. The ‘Delft’ pattern was reproduced again from 1991-2000 under the name ‘Blue Delft’, though with ever so slight differences in the printing.

This earthenware plate is very British in its straight-laced floral design, wherein the stylized floral details feel more prim and proper than they do romantic and whimsical. The center design is the best example of this observation, as the footed centerpiece basket is perfectly symmetrical, every petal in place, encircled in a ring adorned with a diamond crosshatch pattern. The reverse of the plate has multiple printed and impressed marks that indicate its maker, patent date, country of manufacture, material composition and pattern identity.

Perhaps most interestingly of all is that Minton produced wares for hotel and hospitality companies such as White Star Line and Cunard, and this Delft china pattern was used for the second class service on the RMS Titanic and her sister ships. Today, Minton pieces are of the most highly prized, sought-after and valuable ceramics in the world and are found in prestigious museums globally.

Use as intended as an eclectic addition to your dining table spread, or display on an easel for a touch of history in your space. This piece has been kissed by time and boasts its age in charming detail.

  • Maker: Designed by Henry Bourne for The Minton Ceramic Factory

  • Material: Earthenware ceramic pottery, transferware

  • Epoch: Designed in 1871, produced in 1873

  • Dimensions: 8” diameter x .875” profile

  • Procurement: Dallas, Texas

  • Origin: Staffordshire, England

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