c. 1860-1870 Rare Capodimonte Figurine with 22k Gold Hand Painted Detailing

c. 1860-1870 Rare Capodimonte Figurine with 22k Gold Hand Painted Detailing


Manufactured in Naples, Italy during the latter half of the Victorian era between 1860 and 1870 this female figurine is an authentic Capodimonte sculpture. It features impeccable hand painted detailing skillfully applied by a highly trained artist employed by the world-famous Capodimonte factory. The figurine is made of porcelain bone china of the highest grade, which has no visible inclusions whatsoever, and boasts the desirable warm, translucent white quality that bone china possesses.

This lovely lady is ornately gilded with genuine 22k gold throughout her headpiece, choker, bodice, hemline, fan, slippers and base, while her skirts are covered in a ruby-red floral pattern and her feet planted softly amongst colorful blooms. Her face is delicately painted to pronounce her petite features, her expression serene and humble.

She is modeled after ladies of the courts of both Louis XV and Louis XVI. These women were hired for large celebrations to wander the vast gardens of Versailles as muses, dressed in their most tempting garments, curtseying seductively to gentlemen and strolling couples alike. Their presence was tantalizing, a treat to the senses, and unique to the provocative spirit of the 18th century French royal court.

This figurine is incredibly rare, with no others like it on other notable platforms such as Ruby Lane, 1st Dibs, Chairish, or eBay. She is set apart due to her near-immaculate condition and age, for the quality of her painted features and for the richness and purity of the 22k gold elements. She is very clearly stamped with the manufacturer’s trademark on her base which emphasizes her value.

This piece has been assessed and appraised by Dr. Lori Verderame, a renowned celebrity appraiser and tv personality from the History Channel’s ‘The Curse of Oak Island’.

  • Maker: Capodimonte Porcelain Manufactory

  • Material: Porcelain bone china, hand painted and 22k gold detailing

  • Epoch: c. 1860-1870

  • Dimensions: Approx. 8”H

  • Procurement: Dallas, Texas

  • Origin: Naples, Italy

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