1920 Rookwood Oriental Vase in Deep Yellow Wash

1920 Rookwood Oriental Vase in Deep Yellow Wash


This piece is a rarer pattern from Rookwood, which features an oriental theme showcasing the Jazz Age’s fascination with and emulation of Asian arts and design. The top quarter of this vessel comprises of floral tree blooms with three birds in flight that are each landing on the design's angular branches. The blooms, birds, and branches are cyclically positioned around the vase. The marks read “XX 2481”, indicating the production year of 1920 (XX) and the pattern number (2481). The golden yellow ochre glaze varies in tone throughout the piece. Note the subtle striations made by dripping glaze during the multi-step dipping process during production.

  • Maker: Rookwood Pottery Company

  • Material: Ceramic, hand-glazed

  • Epoch: 1920s

  • Dimensions: 9.25” x 4.5”

  • Procurement: New York, New York

  • Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio

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