Vintage Black Onyx and Marcasite Sterling Silver Earrings

Vintage Black Onyx and Marcasite Sterling Silver Earrings


Designed in the iconic Art Deco style, this pair of earrings are cast in .925 sterling silver, inlaid with genuine marcasite gemstones, and centered around a bezel-set oval cabochon of genuine black onyx. Each earring resembles an oval shaped flower, with petal-like scalloped edges that meet at a rounded point on top and bottom. Both earrings have identical onyx stones that protrude beyond the silver setting to really make a statement.

This pair is well-loved vintage, and bear the beautiful marks of time. There are a total of 40 marcasite settings, though one earring has two marcasite stones missing, and the other earring has four missing. Regardless, the loss is completely unnoticeable because marcasite stones have an incredible reflective quality that causes the stones to sparkle immensely. The silver setting has a similar effect, causing the once-filled marcasite settings to sparkle just as much. The price reflects the imperfections, so my loss is your gain. Lucky you!

Pair with your evening best for an understated elegant touch, or wear with your casual daywear for an unexpected hint of glamour. This pair is a high quality addition to any jewelry wearer’s collection for an exceptional rate.

  • Maker: Unknown

  • Material: Sterling silver, genuine marcasite, genuine black onyx

  • Epoch: 1990s

  • Dimensions: .5” x .375”

  • Procurement: Lakeland, Tennessee

  • Origin: Unknown

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