French Early Art Deco Glass and Pearl Beaded Dancing Purse

French Early Art Deco Glass and Pearl Beaded Dancing Purse


Hand-sewn and hand-beaded in the early years of the Art Deco movement, this conveniently-sized bag was intended for the sociable young lady. Its design was one that grew to popularity because it was handy for dinners, galas, and other convivial affairs, in that its size was not cumbersome and the single loop could be worn around one wrist while dancing. As the Deco years progressed, accessories like these were adapted to the changing socio-economic and feminine identities of women of that era. This purse is a stunning example of one such accessory, and is symbolic for the evolution of more liberal roles of women in society.

The bag is weighty due to its heavily beaded coverage. This bag features silvery seed beads made of glass, accompanied by accents of pearlescent coated round and tubular beads made of an early variation of plastic. The single wrist loop is also entirely beaded with the glass seed beads, ensuring that every bit of this bag makes a statement. At the base of one side of the loop, a gold washed faux pearl brooch is fastened. It should be noted that this brooch adorned the bag upon procurement, and after inspection, it does not work to hold the loop to the bag, and is simply there as ornamentation. You may remove the brooch for a simpler aesthetic or to wear as part of a matching ensemble with the handbag. The interior is lined with a peachy-pink silky material that is in great shape for its nearly century-old age.

This lovely item is unique in that it takes on varying champagne and silver tones in different lights, and subtly sparkles as it reflects the light through its translucent beading. Add to your growing collection of highly desirable handbags and collectible fashion accessories, wear with your go-to LBD for a touch of sparkle in the evening light, pair with your wedding gown for a stroke of vintage flair, or pop it on your wrist the next time you’re out with your friends for a night of cocktails and dancing.

  • Maker: Unknown, hand-sewn and hand-beaded

  • Material: Glass seed beads, pearlescent beads, silky material

  • Epoch: c. 1915-1925

  • Dimensions: 6.25”L x 4.5”W; 9.25”L with loop extended; 227g

  • Procurement: Dallas, Texas

  • Origin: France

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