Pre-Prohibition Amethyst Glass Whiskey Flask

Pre-Prohibition Amethyst Glass Whiskey Flask


This type of bottle is called a Dandy Flask, and is machine-made and bears a unique purple tint called  noting it as amethyst glass. Dandy Flasks are characterized by rounded shoulders and parallel, perfectly vertical sides, and a base that is just slightly shy of the width of the body of the bottle. Other features of this type of flask are the outer threads on the neck of the bottle, and embossed letters to represent the bottle’s volume and/or maker.

The side seams indicate that the bottle was not mouth-blown, though there are seed bubbles present throughout the glass. The color is the product of UV exposure reacting with the manganese in the glass; the darker the coloration, the greater the UV exposure. This Dandy Flask would have originally held whiskey.

  • Maker: Charles Boldt Glass Company of Muncie, Indiana

  • Material: Amethyst glass

  • Epoch: 1910-1919

  • Dimensions: 8.25” x 4”, 16 fl. oz.

  • Procurement: Dallas, Texas

  • Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio

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