Neoclassical Gold Ormolu Jewelry Casket with Beveled Glass Lid

Neoclassical Gold Ormolu Jewelry Casket with Beveled Glass Lid


This sweet jewelry casket is gilt metal fashioned in the appearance of ormolu design. The box is in the neoclassical style with a symmetrical pierced pattern of swirling geometries. It rests on four inward-turned feet and has a glass lid defined by a thick beveled edge and a slight aqua tint. The glass is encased in triangular prongs around its entire circumference, and has a floral lip from which to lift it. Its interior is lined with a worn mustard velvet, and the base with a fibrous cream material. Perfect for displaying your finest on your vanity top, ideal for holding your sacred wedding bands, and beautiful enough for display on your shelf, this small box is a treasure in itself.

  • Maker: Unknown

  • Material: Gilt metal, glass, velvet

  • Epoch: 1960s

  • Dimensions: 4.25” x 4” x 3”

  • Procurement: Arlington, Texas

  • Origin: Unknown

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